MomSense Coaching Branding

Logo Design

MomSense Coaching helps moms in all stages of life to better understand their personality and parenting style through the Enneagram personality test. With one-on-one coaching sessions, speaking engagements, and helpful resources, MomSense is empowering Moms on their motherhood journey.


As a solopreneur, speaker, and coach, it was important that the MomSense brand reflect the business owner, Erin Slutsky. To accomplish this, we began the branding process by sharing inspiration and images to create a moodboard. The look and feel of this moodboard guided the logo concept phase to appeal to the MomSense audience.

Logo Concept Phase

After the moodboard and inspiration was established, three unique logo concepts were created. The first used the the enneagram symbol and a bold font. The second used a hand lettered script logotype to create an inviting feeling. The third deconstructed the enneagram symbol to create a dynamic logo icon.

Color Palette Exploration

Erin and Stacy worked together to find the perfect color palette to represent a new phase in the motherhood journey. The palette is bright and approachable, but still mature enough to appeal to mother’s of all ages.

Logo Finalization

Working Erin, the MomSense logo was tweaked with a script font for the word coaching, to add a softer feel. To provide flexibility, horizontal, square, and icon versions of the logo were created since the MomSense logo needs to function on signage at speaking events, on the website, social media, printed materials and other resources. 

With a new logo, color palette, and typography chosen, MomSense is ready to launch and begin creating key marketing pieces.

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