Inspirational T-shirt Fundraiser

T-shirt Design

These three unique t-shirt designs were inspired by phrases that became meaningful to a teacher while serving at a bilingual Christian school in the Dominican Republic. To help raise funds for her service, t-shirts were sold to friends and family via One shirt was even featured by Bonfire as a favorite t-shirt design of 2018!

Be Where Your Feet Are

Each t-shirt design was hand drawn and vectorized for t-shirt printing. Using the campaign platform, several shirt colors and types were chosen. Using photography from, the t-shirt design were added to accurate images and used for marketing the fundraiser before the t-shirts were printed. 

Geographic Coordinate Illustration

This illustration features a winding road in the Dominican Republic countryside. Along the edge are the coordinates of the bilingual Christian school students from local villages attend.

Be Brave With Your Life

The saying “Be Brave With Your Life” perfectly sums up what it takes to move to a new country to pursue your passion for helping others. It resonates with so many others in every aspect of their lives.

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