Brand Vertical B2B Email Template

Monthly Engagement Email

To meet the goal of re-engaging hundreds of thousands of email leads within their Eloqua platform with a monthly email, Zebra needed a highly flexible template. The template would deploy to contacts by verticals—Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and General Brand.

Each vertical email has content section, two other pieces of content, a call to action and social links. In addition to the email template design needs to work when translated into two additional languages.

This email was created by a team at Studio North in North Chicago, IL with Stacy Lubin as Senior Designer.

Email Header 

Zebra logo, branded angles, headline, month and preheader text

Featured Content 

Fullwidth imagery is paired with a large headline and a bright blue CTA button

Secondary Content 

Smaller images and shorter content tease two additional pieces of content relevant to the vertical market

Each image is 2:1 ratio to adapt easily to a stacked mobile view

CTA and Social Links

Each vertical email has call to action copy pointing to the main vertical content on

Monthly Emails

Each month, Zebra’s marketing department supplied subject lines, three images, content and links for each piece of content.

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